Acts 28:31 “He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!”

So here we are … the last verse!

How does Luke end his account?

He certainly doesn’t tell us what happens to Paul.

He doesn’t tell us how Paul was feeling, if he was struggling being kept under house arrest chained to a guard.

Instead he focuses on what Paul does, the work of God. The gospel of Jesus Christ is Luke’s focus not Paul. It is the same today. We are people within the story of God. What is His story? It is the good news of Jesus.

Luke says that no man was able to stop Paul sharing this good news.
No man can stop you either.
Paul may die but his gospel will never die.

Whatever happens to you, your gospel will never die.

Let the Acts of the Spirit carry on in every generation till Christ comes again.
Who is trying to stop you today?
You may be not where you want to be but the gospel message will never be stopped.

What a way to end the account: “without hindrance!”

The Acts of the Church, of you, will carry on, the gospel of the person that Luke ends with, “the Lord Jesus Christ”. We need to be unashamedly, unafraid and unhindered at declaring the Lordship of Jesus to our world today.

I hope you have been blessed as much as I have by Luke’s account of the unhindered work of the Spirit!

2 Replies to “Unhindered!”

  1. What a great ending. Thank you Paul for walking us through the Acts with so much wisdom, practical advice, high view of God and humor.
    I’m looking forward to what’s coming next!

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