Back to earth

Back to earth

Mark 9: 8 “Suddenly, when they looked around, they no longer saw anyone with them except Jesus. As they were coming down the mountain, Jesus gave them orders not to tell anyone what they had seen until the Son of Man had risen from the dead. 10 They kept the matter to themselves, discussing what “rising from the dead” meant. 11 And they asked him, “Why do the teachers of the law say that Elijah must come first?” 12 Jesus replied, “To be sure, Elijah does come first, and restores all things. Why then is it written that the Son of Man must suffer much and be rejected? 13 But I tell you, Elijah has come, and they have done to him everything they wished, just as it is written about him.”


Suddenly … the scene changes again.

The voice is no longer speaking. The cloud has gone. Elijah and Moses have gone. The transfiguration of Jesus has gone.

The divine is replaced with the human.

Peter had wanted to stay there forever on the mountain. But they learn that mountains are to come down from as much as to go up.

They come down to instructions from Jesus.

They return trying to understand once again what Jesus is meaning.

They have their questions trying to reconcile what they have always been taught by man with what Jesus is revealing. They use the scriptures of Malachi where it states Elijah will come first then the Messiah. They now know Jesus is the Messiah but why hasn’t Elijah come first. (In Matthew’s account we see that Jesus revealed how John the Baptist was the Elijah of their generation).

They return to what they knew. They would soon team up with the others again.

But something has changed and it is them. They had been in the cloud. The cloud changes everything.

Your life may be described as having many questions, confusion, trying to understand the shape of it, how it is meant to be, what God is doing, this may be with you for your entire life. But remember, even though it is hard to describe, even if you are not meant to tell anyone, remember what you have experienced with God. Remember what happened on that mountain. You were in the cloud. It changed you. You came out of that different.




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