Mark 11: 19 “When evening came, Jesus and his disciples went out of the city.”

When the sun came down the Son went out.

At the end of every day Jesus would return to Mary, Martha and Lazarus’ home in Bethany to rest before returning to the city the next day. It was a 2 mile walk and so very close and easily done.

Jerusalem was his mission but Bethany his home.

A prolific church planter within Islamic nations said to me that the most important thing to note when entering difficult situations is the exit route.

Jesus didn’t wait till the evening and then ask “where shall we stay tonight?” He had already planned the exit.

The problem I see is that to enter is easy but EXIT TAKES WISDOM. Everyone knows how to start but knowing when to stop is only held by a few.

Carrying on relentlessly is not faithfulness when you have missed the exit sign years ago.

The EXIT PRESERVES THE MISSION because it gives time for rest, reflection and a reality check on the day’s activity. People who have no time for appraisals are in danger of making mistakes.

The disciples were learning to follow Jesus into and out of situations. The call of God can be as much to do something as to stop something. What do you need to stop doing right now? To EXIT CAN BE TO OBEY as much as to enter.


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