The wild donkey question

How can this be?

Luke 1: 34 “Mary said to the angel, “How can this be, since I am a virgin?” (NASB)


“Who let the wild donkey go free? Job 38:5

Which donkey? Where was it? What?!



Virgins don’t become pregnant. How can this happen then?

If you know the answers then maybe what God is about to do isn’t God after all?

God acts and blows our minds. That’s how it is.


You may be able to say ‘God can’ but it is a whole different scenario when you say “since I am …”


It is easier to believe in miracles when you don’t need one.


If you have to ask ‘How can ..?’ then you know the answer is God, only God can.


Today you may be holding on to the promises of God and at the same time saying ‘How can …’ then remind yourself God knows who untied the wild donkey and He knows how this can happen for you.




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