Luke 1: 37 “For nothing is impossible with God.”

This is why the presence of God is everything.

No limits. WITH Him.

No shadows. WITH Him.

No mountains. WITH Him.

No walls. WITH Him.

Nothing is impossible (for us) WITH Him.

The angel doesn’t say nothing is impossible for God. We would expect that wouldn’t we? Surely you are not God unless it is so?

But nothing is impossible WITH God.

With His presence.

We all agree faith is needed.

We all agree asking is needed.

Successful ministries have developed on these 2 actions.

Recently though I am realising that hosting His presence in our lives is of the most importance.

I can have faith and ask Him for a miracle without hosting His presence in my life.

This morning I wrote 15 Foundational Truths for hosting His presence:

  1. Clear away the hurts of the past.
  2. Break down the routine and duty of the present.
  3. Permission the joyous new life of the future to grow.
  4. Focus on Christ, meditate on His life imagining the scenes of the gospels.
  5. Invite Him to come and change everything in me even if I don’t recognise at first it is Him.
  6. Stop talking and listen.
  7. Fast that what controls me resulting in being free.
  8. Demonstrate overwhelming love for others.
  9. Surrender all I want and hope to be and have.
  10. Foster the habit of bible reading and memorisation.
  11. Obey in giving not just the tithe (how can I give less?) but the eradication from my life of the disturbing, distracting and destroying need to possess.
  12. Turn down the volume of my life, to be still, to diarise to do nothing.
  13. CROSS out my pride and rights.
  14. Bow more, raise hands more, prostrate more, plead less, worship more.
  15. Dwell and develop friendship with Him.

What has all this go to do with Mary receiving a miracle child? Everything.

What has all this got to do with you and your need of a miracle? Everything.




Let’s narrow the distance.

Let’s host.





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