Are you willing to change?

Are you willing to change?

Luke 1: 38 ““I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her.”

  1. Mary was willing to change for the plan God had for her. She paid the price.

To step into all He has purposed for your life will mean that at various stages you have to change. You will need to leave the person you was behind. You will have to change what you believed perhaps. You will need to ask, ‘do I want to become this new person that I am going to have to become?’ Others will have to embrace that change also as they relate to what God is doing in your life.

  1. Mary was willing to lose to become obedient to the plan God had for her.
  • Lose your reputation. If reputation is more important than His plan then all you will have to talk about is the past.
  • Lose the battle. How is she ever going to explain virgin and pregnant? There are times when you need to silence your mouth and lose the argument. It will be another 30 years when people will realise that this child is the Son of God and for some they will never believe it anyway.
  • Lose the desire for vindication. God’s plan may seem unfair full stop.


  1. Mary was willing to let go of comforts.

She would embark on a journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem to Egypt. She would end up being a refugee. The purpose of God definitely will hold problems for you. You will be pushed out of your comfort. It is time to count the cost before you go any further. Those comforts are friends. As you step into a new thing you will lose friends, they won’t know how to relate to you anymore, are you ready for that?

What would you never do? In 1995 I drove 2 friends to the airport as they went to Zambia and they still quote me as saying, “I would never go to Africa, no way, it just isn’t for me!” God had to push me out of my comfort zone.

Be willing to change today, say YES. Be ready for the alteration of your plans for His.

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