What do you do in the waiting period?

What do you do in the waiting period?

Luke 1: 39-40

“At that time Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea, 40 where she entered Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth.”

  1. Strengthen your faith.

Tell someone that will help your faith.

Mary had been told Elizabeth had also received a miracle promise and she only had 3 months left of her own pregnancy. Do you have someone who is ahead of you in the faith path? Be with them.

(In order to be strengthened you may need to address the weakness. Yesterday I prayed for a leader who would be returning to someone who had deeply hurt him in his past in order to clear it out of his heart. It will not be an easy journey for him. But he needs to do it in order to strengthen his faith).

  1. Choose wisely who you wait with.

When hosting His presence in your life don’t sit with the mockers. Don’t fellowship with the bitter and the cynical they will abort your dream. Wisdom is knowing who to leave behind.

Mary chooses Elizabeth before Joseph. She leaves her future husband to God. She takes a holiday from her fiancé.

  1. Don’t dawdle.

Time is of the essence. The translators use the words hurried and in haste she travelled to Elizabeth. She is eager and enthusiastic and in her excitement I can visualise her running the 100 mile journey to Judea! Less haste more speed is common sense but not here. When you are waiting for your miracle and when you are hosting you cannot afford the luxury of taking it easy. You have to be focused continually. You have to become fanatical and everything else falls into insignificance. Other responsibilities take a back-seat to what you know you have to do.

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