Praying the Magnificat 4

Praying the Magnificat 4

Luke 1: 49 “for the Mighty One has done great things for me— holy is his name.”

“For me, this unknown ordinary and insignificant girl!”

This is not for the high powers, the political rulers, the religious know-it-alls.

The King of Kings, the Creator and Sustainer of ell things came into the world and would fall on the side of the weak and the vulnerable.

Let us not forget who came. His name is holy.

This causes us to flee or run to Him. Mary doesn’t announce her planned strategy for what is now coming through her. Vision statements, mission statements, business plans, project proposals, strategy developments are now all found in the church as a given way we must do things. It is all good, don’t worry. But it is not the most important.

What is?

It is the acknowledgment that God has done great things in our lives. Look back and see. Don’t forget how He carried you, provided for you and made a way for you. And today we must return to Him for He is holy. His holiness calls to apathy and duty and our stale and stubborn discipleship to return to the significant and all-consuming influence of His presence. This pull of desire must increase in us and our churches. It has to go beyond the 20 minute songs we sing and the 90 minute services we attend. It has to invade our lives to the point that as the Jews of Mary’s day we yearn for His coming. We need Him. We need His return. And as we wait longingly the Holy Spirit hovers and lands and moves and fills and we are in the Holy presence. We are thankful and we change our lives to accommodate Him.



Almighty God, I am thankful.

You have done great things for me and I am thankful.

Thank you for …

You have come to me and for me. I cannot fathom why it was me you have shown grace and mercy to. I no way deserve this love.

But you have come and you are coming again.

And in my waiting I long for you. I desire your presence more than anything.

I return to you. To your holiness. To live holy.

I choose to host your presence.


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