Praying the Magnificat 6

Praying the Magnificat 6

Luke 1: 51 “He has shown strength with his arm; he has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts” (ESV)

Who were the proud that Mary was thinking of? Was it the neighbourhood gossiping about Elizabeth? Was it the Gentiles? Was it those in power? The Pharisees? Caesar? Herod? Even if it was, would they be concerned of a little unknown girl prophesying from a backwater of Judea?

The story at Christmas is an off the radar story. Bypassing the rich and famous, the pride and pomp, the prestige and palace of the upper class.

Who has He strengthened? Mary herself? Elizabeth? The poor all around? I think all those and more.

This statement is an echo of the ministry of Jesus that was to come.

We see Jesus choose the uneducated and broken people of the world as his disciples and future leaders of the church. He challenges the religious as hypocrites and lifts up the rejected women who are no more than second class. He calls Herod a fox and overturns the tables of the money-changers. He totally offends those who think they know the Scriptures better than anyone else. At the same time he picks up the children and blesses them, he touches the leper and the dead making him unclean but leaving them transformed.

How do we relate to those who are proud with all they have achieved and their grand plans for the future and those who think they haven’t done a thing and have got nothing to contribute?

The proud and the poor are all around us. Who do we sit down with the most?



God of strength who has lifted me and made me stronger.

Teach me how to walk in humility.

I choose to sit with the poor because you are with the poor not the proud. You are with the humble and the humiliated not the holier-than-thou and the haughty. You are with the hungry not those who are full.

Teach me your ways.

I host your presence.


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