Let others rejoice with you.

Let others rejoice with you.

Luke 1: 58 “Her neighbours and relatives heard that the Lord had shown her great mercy, and they shared her joy”.

People will get to know. Word will get out. The news will spread like a fire. It will tell of what God has done for you.

People never thought it would happen. Those who saw the breakthrough coming doubted you would survive the pressure and cost of that breakthrough. But you survived and you certainly broke through.

Be ready to permit others to share your joy. Don’t stop them even though they were not originally your supporters. They were not there at the beginning when you were desperately praying for healing and your miracle. But they will be there at the end when there is something to see. Some people only turn up when the miracle has come. They are not there for the work. But permit them to share your joy nonetheless.

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