Praying the Benedictus 9

Praying the Benedictus 9

Luke 1:76 ““And you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High; for you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for him.”

We need the prophetic voice.

Zechariah knows that Jesus is the prominent One, more important than John his son. He also knows that his son is called to a specific role. It is a role that you and I are also called into.

To be a prophet of the Most High.

After 400 years of no prophetic ministry, no voice from God, here comes the prophet!

We will discover as we continue to read Luke, that John was in the wilderness, he stayed near the river Jordan because he needed the water for baptism and he preached forgiveness (3:2-3)

This is what we need today. We need a rise of the prophets of the Most High.

In my own denomination here in the UK I believe I will again see and I am prayerfully pursuing a release of apostolic and prophetic ministries. The church needs such leaders but also the world does. But before there is a rush to claim such titles, even if that was possible, let me explain what I believe:

Apostles are people who specialise in sacrifice and the surrender of their lives (ie they get martyred!) We need such leadership.

Prophets are people who specialise in being content to live in very difficult circumstances (ie they live in wildernesses!)

I have a Church in the north of England. It has its own building and it is centred in a wonderful opportunity of an estate of houses but it has had massive decline in numbers and has only 4 lovely people left. For 9 years they have prayed for a leader but to no avail because it is a wilderness, it has nothing to offer, except to a prophet. God send the prophets!

I have a Church in the midlands of the UK. It too has struggled massively and is down to 15 people and a dog. It is situated in an amazing market town but the congregation is ageing. If they don’t get a leader, they will struggle further. I cannot get anyone to help because it is a wilderness, it has nothing to offer, except to a prophet.

God send the prophets!

1. We need the prophetic voice in the wildernesses of life from leaders who are not afraid of living in such dry places.

2. We also need the elevation of water baptism. It is not an option. It is not for the end of the discipleship programme and it is not for consideration for years on end based on whether the person feels they are ready yet. Get them converted and get them baptised on the same day if possible!

Some baptism tanks have dry rot they haven’t been used for that long. In 2019 we need more baptisms!

3. We also need more messages of forgiveness. People are ill today because of the years of being imprisoned to guilt and hurt. There is a reason people become addicts. There is a reason people become traumatised. Jesus forgives sin. He releases prison doors. He transforms lives. A leader recently said he had been taught he couldn’t expect a transforming service every time he met with his church. Why not? If Jesus is there and if the prophetic voice is there. Let’s call it out. Change. Change. Change. Because Jesus is coming soon!

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