Praying the Song of Simeon 3

Praying the Song of Simeon

Luke 2: 31

“Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvation which you have prepared in the sight of all nations …

No distinction.

That’s what Simeon realised. This unveiling of salvation through Jesus was not only for the Jews. Jesus was certainly for the comfort of Israel but he was far more than this. This salvation was spilling over from Israel to the whole world, to all peoples of all nations.

We need to be reminded of what Simeon saw.

  • Last year I subscribed to a conservative Christian newspaper which I now need to unsubscribe to as I became tired of its attacks on other Christians for not holding to its own viewpoint.
  • I read a moving book last year by a popular media personality who is a Christian but states her sexual identity is gay. She recently stated online that she had to remove herself from social media because of the endless abuse she was getting from Christians.
  • I ended the year being given a letter regarding a complaint of spiritual abuse that someone has suffered.

That was last year. No doubt this year will contain the same.

I am not being negative. The truth is that it is all too easy to believe that what Simeon said was this: For my eyes have seen your judgment which you have prepared in the sight of all nations.

Salvation for all. No distinction. Our message is salvation. It is the only thing that matters.

We all need a Saviour. The sins we see in others are equal or even less than the sins that are in our lives.

Simeon didn’t see salvation for the Jews and judgment for the nations. It was salvation for all. Salvation for people who are different to us. Who look different, have different cultural practices, different languages, behaviours and offences. Salvation.

Today when we meet people who are different don’t think judgment thoughts think salvation thoughts and who knows they may have known the salvation of Jesus long before you!

Here is my prayer

Dear Saviour

Forgive my dismissive and hurtful judgments that I have publicly and privately made about people.

Thank you for my salvation.

Thank you for saving me every day.

I soak myself in your salvation so that when people see me they see a Saviour first.

I live in a world where people are different and for all kinds of reasons.

I live in a world where sin is being expressed within and outside the Church.

Help me find a way to live in that complexity of sinfulness declaring salvation rather than dismissing through my prejudiced judgment.


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