I know who I am NOT

I know who I am NOT


Luke 3:16 “John answered them all, ‘I baptise you with water. But one who is more powerful than I will come, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”


They were thinking he was the one, the Messiah.

There have been so many people who throughout history have been caught up with this moment.

Cult-like figures are born on the adulation of desperate people.

But knowing what you are unable to do will keep you from being worshipped.

John answers, “All I am doing is baptising with water. I am not as powerful as the Messiah. I am not even worthy to be called a slave. He has a better baptism.”

“Is it okay to think of you as the best thing that ever happened to us? Do you mind if we believe that you are the answer to our prayers? Look at all of us here, the crowds that you are pulling, big is better yes? Can we follow you? Will you be our Messiah?”

John said NO where many have said YES.

There are many people who are trodden down by others, slandered and hurt, broken and beaten.

That is not the greatest danger.

It is this: to be promoted higher than you should be and to be praised for what you could never do.

Just because a position is vacant doesn’t mean you have to occupy it. The influence may be greater, the prestige and pay out of this world, you may be head-hunted for it, however, the opportunity of a lifetime may need to be refused until the lifetime of that opportunity is over.

The Church have a message that is being preached far and wide, “This is who you are.” We certainly need that.

We certainly also need to hear this message, “This is who you are not.”

You are not the work, you are the worker.

You are not the answer, you are the sign.

You are not to become greater, you must decrease.

“Look how Amazing and Awesome you are and how your Ability simply Abounds and your Accomplishments are Acclaimed far and wide and Admired and Adored by many!”

If that is said to you today even in your dreams (!!) then make sure you announce “I know who I am NOT!”

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