Who is Josek?

Who is Josek?

Luke 3: 26 “the son of Josek” (or Josech)

So a quick delve into the books reveals that no one can agree what the name means. Actually they all do agree that Josek is an uncertain derivation of something else, though the Revised Version goes for it and uses the name Joseph. Google will keep asking you ‘are you sure? Don’t you mean Joseph when you type Josek?’ So whether it is spelt Josek or Josech it seems an uncertainty clouds his name.

But his name speaks to us today doesn’t it?

Many can find themselves uncertain from all they knew, from people they loved and their purpose for life. Uncertain about their past and future whilst trapped in the grip of an enemy. Uncertain about who they are and where they fit into this life.

The things you face today and the uncertainty of your life may have chased you into a place where you are now surrounded by enemies of fear, doubt and of pain.

Those around you may not know how things will become certain for you or how you will get free from this enemy plaguing your life.

But Josek/Josech in all of the uncertainty sits in the line of Jesus. The voices around you and within you may sound an uncertain message and yet God is for you and with you and the One who saw your beginning will make a way to the end.

Even if in years to come people come across your name and don’t understand who you were, they may say it all seems uncertain. But you were here, you made a mark on the earth, you played a part in God’s story here. You were meant to be.

So in the uncertainty of tomorrow perhaps, in the uncertainty from others perhaps, where there seems to be little meaning, be certain of one thing, you are here, you are meant to be, you can play a role that only you can fulfil, you can serve a living God, you can impact your day, you can worship the Alpha and Omega and you can love others. Now that is certain.

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