Who is Cosam?

Who is Cosam?

Luke 3: 28 “the son of Cosam”

It means ‘diviner’.

How unusual! Of course we are surmising that Cosam was an actual diviner but his name certainly wasn’t changed if he wasn’t. As we know by now the names characterised who they were or becoming.

A diviner was an explorer of spiritual things through anything like sorcery, the occult, astrology and spiritualism. The world over have their ‘diviners’ on nearly every street corner whether it be Gypsy Lee in her hut reading palms at a seaside UK resort, the local witchdoctor offering healing potions for money or the Church Prophet who seems to be drawing more attention to themselves than to God.

The Bible is full of warnings regarding those who practice divination:

Deuteronomy 18; 1 Samuel 15:23; 2 Kings 7:17; Jeremiah 14:14; Acts 16: 16-24.

And yet … here he is, Cosam, diviner, in the ancestry of Jesus.

The story of God weaves through the least of people. Even the most unfaithful can be used by the faithful God for His overall plan. Not even Cosam’s are rejected.

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