Lent day 26: Who is Abraham?

Lent day 26: Who is Abraham?

Luke 3 v 34 “the son of Abraham”

So where do we begin?!

God changed Abram’s “exalted father” name to “Abraham,” “father of a multitude.”

I want us to look at a certain moment of Abraham’s life which he is famous for. It is the moment when the angel of the Lord (which could well have been a theophany of the Son of God appearing on earth for a short appearance in human form) says to Abraham these words:

“Now I know that you fear God” Genesis 22:12

Up to this point Abraham’s credentials to be the father of all nations and the father of 3 of the world’s largest religions was quite suspect!

A man more afraid than full of faith and more used to lying if needed rather than speak the truth despite the consequences. Genesis 12:10-20; 20:1-13: in both passages he is afraid for his life and so announces his wife is his sister.

A man who ‘Ishmaeled’ his ‘Isaac’ taking things into his own hands instead of asking God. Genesis 16:2-3

A man who couldn’t lead his own family very well. Genesis 16: 5-6 he is passive when Sarah abuses Hagar in jealous anger and in ch.19 his brother Lot has to be dragged from wicked Sodom and then weeks later his daughters decide to get him drunk so that they could sleep with him and become pregnant!

So there is hope for us all!

However our list of credentials would probably be longer than Abraham’s!

But how does God know we are ready to be blessed by Him? See the verse 22:12 above again.

Blessing is not automatic.

God would have delayed or even bypassed Abraham if he had failed the test.

So how does God know we are ready?

It is in what we will give up.

Will we let go of something precious to us?

Why is this important? It is because it mirrors Him. God gave up His only Son for us.

If as disciples we follow Jesus then we also are called to surrender and give to God our all, our everything.

When we do we will hear those words also “Now I know (you are ready for blessing)”

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