Lent day 28: Who is Nahor?

Lent day 28: Who is Nahor?

Luke 3 v 34 “the son of Nahor”

There is uncertainty on the name but the Hebrew would indicate it means either to snore or to snort!

So he is either asleep or angry!

I wonder which you prefer? Or what does the world see when it looks at us the Church?

Are we asleep? Are we irrelevant? Are we not connected to what is the important issues for their lives? Church is a place to sleep.

Or are we against things? Angry with sinners who are making our world even more sinful? Church is a place for angry campaigns against everything.

Are we snoring or snorting?

AW Tozer wrote that if the Holy Spirit were completely withdrawn from the Church, “95 percent of what we do would go on and no one would know the difference”. Sigmund Freud said that we do things asleep we would not do if awake! The problem is we may be asleep but we hate the alarm clock. It can be disappointing being part of a group who are snoring.

Three times Jesus finds his closest 3 disciples sleeping whilst he is going through his trials. Though there was little chastising by him we can sense the disappointment.

Surviving your Gethsemane will mean that you need to keep on praying despite even the closest disappointing you. The key is ‘the spirit is willing but the body is weak.’

Salvador Dali has a painting which looks really strange at first sight. He paints the Gethsemane scene and Jesus is the central and largest figure on the canvas. He paints him in such a way that it looks like his spirit is larger than his body, like it is enveloping it. He also has painted the 3 disciples in the bottom right hand corner as very small figures revealing the weakness of the body.

The prayer during disappointment is the prayer that brings the eternal part of you, the God-focused, Christ-centred, Spirit-dwelt part of you to the surface and to make this the loudest voice, the clearest vision and the most powerful thought over what your body is experiencing.

We need to wake-up the Church. But we also need to make sure the Church is not snorting at the wrong people. There are always a few angry people near us. They are in every Church. But they are not as powerful as they think they are. Louder doesn’t mean more able. They may have conviction but they have not been discipled to carry their convictions or temper them and we need to find ways to love them because Jesus died for them. However, we need to direct their anger to the right place. When Jesus walked around the Temple he was angry because of the exploitation of the poor which was happening inside the place of prayer. That is what we need to be angry about.

Nahor people are either asleep or angry and we need to know what to do with them.

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