Lent day 35: Who is Arphaxad?

Lent day 35: Who is Arphaxad?

Luke 3 v 36 “the son of Arphaxad”

His name means ‘one that releases’.

He was born 2 years after the flood and life was difficult as they began to re-populate the earth and expand into territories, building and planting, creating infrastructure. How was this going to happen? How would law and order prevail? How would people still follow their Creator?

The ‘one that releases’ may have been a call of prayer to hand the pressure of that over to God who can carry what man could not.

Today there are burdens you need to release that are too heavy for you to carry. He will sustain you and you will be moved so long as you release what is not yours to carry. Psalm 55:22

Today, you may see others with the weight of sin holding them down, either their sin or they are a victim of someone else’s sin. Release their burdens. Isaiah 58:6

God does want you to carry things in your life, but these burdens are light and easy. He wants to give you rest so release the heaviness that is around you today. Say NO, disappoint perhaps, alter your schedule, change the programme. There are no miracles without God so the question is: has God asked you to do this? Matthew 11:28-30

If God has commanded your work then He has your hand and He will help you to accomplish it even if it looks impossible and too difficult for you. Commanded work is not necessarily easy work but it is accompanied work. Isaiah 41:13

As I grow older and my hair gets greyer and less I realise I need to know the carrying God and delivering Saviour more than ever before. In my youth my immature energy and ignorant passion sustained me but now I know it is He who sustains. In my youth He sustained me when I didn’t know but now He expects more wisdom from me. Isaiah 46:4.

I will release the pressure today and I will do it in prayer with a prayer that I have prayed all my life, “Help me!” Psalm 34:17

The challenge to the release of these burdens is the fear that things won’t get done or I will disappoint. In short, the fear of man continues to be a snare. So with eyes lifted high I choose to hear the ancient words, “Fear not, for I am with you”. Isaiah 41:10

Join me as I choose to be Arphaxad today and release from my life what should not be there!

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