The power of the Spirit

Luke 4: 14-15 “Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about him spread through the whole countryside. 15 He was teaching in their synagogues, and everyone praised him.”

The power of the Spirit

Luke writes in verse 1 that Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit and led by the Spirit into the wilderness. Now he returns in the power of the Spirit.

The power of the Spirit is the longing of the Church who seek after this with all of their might. Yet it comes only after the devil has done his worst in a place which cannot be described as an oasis, refreshing nor a revival.

I imagine the Sri Lankan church to emerge in the power of the Spirit after their onslaught from the enemy. They are limping out of this testing time reporting on the world news of forgiveness to their killers. Already so powerful.

The power of the Spirit is connected to how you survived the wilderness testing.

But it is also connected to your return. No matter what has happened you return. You may have been hungry for 40 days. You may have faced an onslaught of temptation. You may have avoided dangers of wild animals. You may have needed the ministry of angels to help you recover. But can you get up and return again. I have a friend who lost everything. His wife, children, work, position in life, credibility and testimony. Yet he made a return and was in church with his new wife this Easter Sunday.

It is also connected to your mission. Jesus returned to Galilee or as Matthew describes, Galilee of the Gentiles. The power of the Spirit is not for you, it is for others. It is for serving and leading others into the Kingdom of God.

Finally the power of the Spirit will lead you into a new danger which can be as much an enemy attack as the desert trial. The season of exposure, of being known, of opportunities and praise, can be laced with possible dangers that can divert you from your purpose. We will see more of this in how Jesus held his course during the praise reports from the people.

The power of the Spirit comes

  1. after a season of difficulty
  2. as you dust yourself off and return
  3. as you focus on others
  4. and leads to further challenges.

May we walk in that power today.



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