Keep on moving, keep on speaking, keep on changing lives.

Keep on moving, keep on speaking, keep on changing lives.

Luke 8: 1 “After this, Jesus travelled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God.”

“He continued according to plan, travelled to town after town, village after village, preaching God’s kingdom, spreading the Message.” (The Message)


Jesus was on the move. Every day he was up and about. Constantly travelling. He wasn’t spending months in one place and then moving on to another place. No, Luke is describing what seems to be a plan to visit as many places as possible.

Can you imagine being a resident in a town or a villager and you are going about your normal business and then suddenly Jesus with his entourage turn up?

This place where you live has been dull for too long! It is about time something exciting happened. Exciting it was!

Jesus preached. It wasn’t about how bad the Romans were. It wasn’t stirring people up to revolt and to take action against authorities. It was good news. It was positive preaching. The focus? That God’s kingdom is not like the kingdom of this earth, it is so much better than that. More importantly God’s kingdom has come, it is here, amongst them. It was here for those who are poor (Luke 6:20); it is for those who will be determined to follow (9:62); it is influential though looks small (13:18-19); not everyone will enter this kingdom (13:28) and yet it is open for everyone (13:29); it will cost the individual who enters it (14:33); and it begins within a person’s life (17:21) as they receive the kingdom like a child would (18:17); this kingdom is here now but it is also coming soon (21:31).

Accompanying this preaching and in order to demonstrating the kingdom many miracles were done. Cripples were healed, the blind could see, the deaf could hear, the landscape was beginning to change across a whole region of this nation. Jesus had come. He was here now.

Can you imagine this for your city, town or village? Isn’t it time to wake our nation up? Okay perhaps too grandiose! Let’s keep it small. Isn’t it time to impact the home you live in, the street you walk on, the places you go today? Our message:

  1. Jesus rules all things, is above all things, Lord over all things, Sovereign over all things.
  2. Jesus rescues people from the destruction of sin that is outside of them and even within them and disempowers the fear of death.
  3. Jesus is here but he is also coming soon to establish a new heaven and new earth and make all things new.
  4. Jesus’ kingship is seen in his crucifixion and the laying down of his life, this is the surrendered life he calls us all to follow.
  5. Jesus’ kingship is proven by his resurrection of which the same power that raised him is the power that is in us, the Church.

The same message passed down the generations is as powerful today as when it was first given.

Let us not be moved, swayed or distracted from this message. Nothing else matters than the gospel. But let us be moved by its importance. Let us move today and keep moving. Let us cover as much ground as we can. Everyone needs to hear. The plan is to scatter this message liberally, almost wastefully, to everyone. I think there’s a parable about that coming up soon!

Jesus covered as much ground as he could. Not everyone received him with open arms but he kept moving. The Church needs to move across the nations of the world, to find ways to reach, to make an impact, to influence.

Last night I received this from a friend in a Muslim controlled nation which is regularly on the news for its persecution against churches:

“It was Ramadan celebration today across the Muslim world, marking the end of the fast. Praise God we had in our village church over 70 heads of families (households) all Muslims who came to us for the lunch and stayed on for fellowship and chats for nearly 3 hours. We praise God for this bridge building opportunity we have every year and despite the current security concerns. Please pray for us for wisdom and to understand (in being good stewards) of the times as the sons of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32. Please pray indeed for hearts to repent and reconcile to God. Please also celebrate and praise God for we have currently at least 2 or 3 baptised believers from each of these households. Thank you for praying.”


They are moving. They are preaching the good news of the kingdom. Let us keep on doing what we all can do today.


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