The birth of a miracle.

The birth of a miracle.

Luke 9: 14-15 “But he said to his disciples. “Make them sit down in groups of about fifty each.” The disciples did so and everybody sat down.”

John and Mark’s gospel have them sitting down in groups of 100’s and 50’s. Luke says about 50 in each group.

Why does Jesus do this?

  • To look at a multitude of at least 5,000 people sat haphazardly all over the hillside could seem more daunting for the Twelve than having 100 groups of 50. Are you needing a miracle today? Break it down. Reduce the total.
    • Sometimes the strategy of division releases the faith for the miracle of multiplication.
  • The disciples were going to be distributing the miracle and having clear pathways brought about by the creation of the groups meant that the miracle would come to everyone. No one would be missed.
    • Sometimes the administration is as important as the miracle itself.
  • So the crowd worked out the numbers. Luke says about fifty in each. There they sat in groups. Just as Moses the shepherd could lead in a healthier way by putting the people into similar size groups, Jesus, does not leave the sheep without a Good Shepherd. There are groups all over the world. Yesterday, in Asia’s largest slum in Mumbai such a group met and 2 people found the miracle of salvation. Today somewhere in the world it will happen again. Countless more will find the miracle of healing and restoration from within a group.
    • Sometimes miracles are born to occur in groups of people.

So today, break it down, get things ready and join an expectant group because a miracle may just be coming your way!

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