How to feed 5,000 or whatever miracle you need.

How to feed 5,000 or whatever miracle you need.

Luke 9 v 16-17 “he gave thanks and broke them. Then he gave them to the disciples to distribute to the people. They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.”


After giving thanks then came that first step into the miracle. The breaking of one of the loaves, this is it, the step of faith.

I would rather be broken by the hands of Jesus than anyone else. In his hands my life changes as I surrender to him. In his hands I am prepared for a new season I never thought would come. Faith is surely to be broken by Jesus. Faith is not so much the declaring of the stuff that we hope to get. Faith is to be in the hands of Jesus and learning to be content there even as He begins to change our lives. We focus so much on faith for the miracle. We often have more than a mustard seed but still we don’t get what we want. But faith is in who Jesus is and as He breaks and changes us the miracle is not the most important focus, He is. Whether there is a miracle or not, I am in the hands of Jesus and He is breaking me for a reason. Faith says Jesus is more important than the miracle. He is more than what I think I need. He is all I need. That is true faith. Looking back it is easy to see how the most difficult of days were the times when you were the closest to Jesus. So break me Jesus. Change me Jesus.

The need for a miracle can so consume you that you wait for it to happen before you do what you cannot do. Jesus didn’t wait for the boy’s small lunch to miraculously get bigger. He just gave as He broke it up. What can you do? Then do it. Don’t wait till you have the ability to do everything, just do what is in your hands now. Move, bless, give, love, make people happy, witness, pray, travel, worship, testify, attend church, invite friends, party, cook, you can do something today. I have friends who since the first day of the need of a miracle have given anonymously to people just for the sheer fun of doing so. They have found joy in giving and as they do so their mountainous miracle is reducing. Three years ago I had a scan on my knee as it was really painful to run on it and to even walk. My consultant was called Dr Kneebel (!!) and he showed me how I had no fluid in my knee it was bone-dry. But then he gave me the options of either having injections which had no guarantees of success or that I started running short distances. When I explained that was the reason for my pain he told me how my knee was like a rusty bike and that because of the pain I will be tempted not to use it until the pain goes. The pain will never go until you use it. The knee will just get ‘rustier’. So I took his advice and began to do just that. So that was three years ago and today I will run 5k as I did yesterday.

Jesus had told the disciples to give the people something to eat. In the end through His graciousness they did just that. He gave the bread and fish bits to the disciples who became the distributors of the miracle. How fun was that?! They just kept going back to Jesus and he kept giving them more to give to the people. We are not the healers, Jesus is. We are not the miracle workers, the restorers, the Saviours, the ones who change lives. We are just the distributors of His grace. If we stop going back to Jesus then our hands will be empty of the miracles that people need.

Be broken. Give. Distribute. We can see 5,000 fed.

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