The Cloud of God

The Cloud of God

Luke 9: 34 “While he was speaking, a cloud appeared and enveloped them, and they were afraid as they entered the cloud.”

I will go and visit a friend today who is 36 years my senior and who is dying in hospital. The cloud of God has appeared suddenly, it certainly seems very quick that her health has gone from her.

  • You do not know when the cloud of God will appear so live your life in fear of the Lord now.


The cloud has enveloped her. This makes me smile as my friend could never use that word correctly. Whenever she prayed she would pronounce the word envelope as if God was going to put us all in one and pop a stamp on us and post us. She of course meant that God would surround us with His presence.

  • We do not know when His presence will make a final appearance and indeed envelope us to take us home. Therefore we live in fear of the Lord now.


She has entered that cloud. Confidently, boldly and without fear (unlike the 3 disciples) joyfully looking forward to meeting her many old friends who had gone into the cloud ahead of her.

  • One day we all will be approaching that cloud. Whether we do it without fear is determined by whether we live in fear of the Lord now.


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