On Mission part 3

On Mission part 3

Jesus is giving 72 of his followers some fast-track Missions training prior to sending them out for a short term trip.

Here is the next lesson:

Luke 10 v 4 “Do not take a purse or bag or sandals; and do not greet anyone on the road”.

  1. Be totally dependent on God. God with what you are standing up in then rely on God providing for you.
  2. Be minimalist in desire. Don’t be weighed down with cumbersome possessions that you think you are going to need. This is not a holiday.
  3. Be urgent and expedient. Without being rude don’t get caught up with slow formalities of social etiquette. Some customs have very long greetings that can take many minutes just simply to bring a greeting.
  4. Be careful with your purpose. If on meeting everyone on the road towards your purpose you tell them and then they ask questions and make suggestions you may never arrive at your purpose. If you do arrive then those you have met may have infiltrated your purpose so much that it has become something completely different. Or they may have praised you so much that you desire the praise more than the purpose. But on top of this the greeting could lead to confrontation about their purpose especially since the disciples were being sent into Samaritan towns and villages.

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