Luke 11: 2 “He said to them, “When you pray, say: Father …”


The incredible blessing for every Christian today is that they can address God as Father. This personal, intimate, familiar title is given only because of relationship.

No one before Jesus called God this name.

No one after Jesus calls God, Father, except the followers of Jesus.

Much is said about the fact that Luke omits ‘Our’ as Matthew has it recorded. There are lots of ideas about this.

However, the point is it is more about relationship than a rote. God is your personal ‘Father’ and is your communities ‘Our Father’. But you can call Him Father.

Your Father is kind (Luke 6:36)

Your Father gives wisdom (Luke 10:21)

Your Father gives the Holy Spirit to you when you ask (Luke 11:13)

Your Father knows what you need (Luke 12:30)

Your Father can alleviate your suffering (Luke 22:42)

Your Father forgives (Luke 23:34)

Your Father will take you into eternity (Luke 23:46)

Your Father has the set date and time for the end of the world as we know it (Acts 1:7).

Sit awhile and acknowledge your Father. Abba.

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