The Church is ready … surely?

The Church is ready … surely?

Luke 12: 41 “Peter asked, “Lord, are you telling this parable to us, or to everyone?”

Jesus doesn’t answer the question. Peter had wanted to know who Jesus was teaching. Them or the crowd? Maybe he had wanted to know whether he should pay attention or not!

Peter wants to know:

Who are the servants waiting for their master’s return from the wedding banquet?

Who will be reclining at the table when the master serves them?

Who needs to be ready?

Surely the disciples are ready for His return because they follow him?

Surely it is those people who don’t know Jesus who need to be careful, it is the crowd who need to get ready?

In a world which has no thought for Jesus, surely it is to them who run the risk of failing in service and not having their lamps burning.

Surely Jesus is not thinking we are not ready for His return?

Surely we do not need teaching on His return?

Surely we know that this truth is for everybody else, not us?

We are ready aren’t we?!

Surely our vision and mission statements prove that?

Surely our programmes, plans and purposes reveal we are ready?

The Church … not ready? That can’t be, can it?

Surely, not us, not I?

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