Obedience leads to miracles

Obedience leads to miracles

Luke 17: 14 “When he saw them, he said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed.”

Only the priests could declare the ‘unclean’ clean and fit to come back into society.

Everyone needs community and acceptance from others.

Everyone needs to know they belong.

Everyone needs to know that God and God’s people want them.

Jesus orders them to go to the men who had the authority to make this happen.

Now why do you think they hadn’t thought of that before?

They were unclean. They knew what the response would be. Rejection was waiting.

So what’s different now?

Their leprosy was still there, it wasn’t their circumstance for they had not been healed.

The difference was they had met Jesus and they heard his command to ‘GO’.

They knew what that meant. This was not blind obedience. This was obeying with faith. They knew something was going to have to happen to them prior to getting to the priests. They were going to have to be healed to avoid rejection.

There are times when even though our circumstances have not changed and we are still in pain that we have to walk in obedience to what Jesus is saying. He wants us to GO, to move forward and to walk down a certain direction which may even cause anxiety to do so.

As they went, Luke says they were cleansed. I love the fact that Luke makes us understand that actually it was the great High Priest who made sure they were cleansed. They were not just healed they were cleansed. By the time they got to the priests they were already cleansed!


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