You can only move on if you have learnt where the right spaces are.

You can only move on if you have learnt where the right spaces are.

Luke 19:29  “As he approached Bethphage and Bethany at the hill called the Mount of Olives …”

The reason why some never reach their potential is because they don’t build into their life the essential ‘spaces’ that enable them to continue the journey.

Here are the spaces that we need:

  1. The bigger perspective space.

From the Mount of Olives, Jesus would come down into Jerusalem. He could see everything from there, the temples and palaces, the places where he would be tried, the hustle and bustle of the crowds that were gathered as pilgrims in the city.

It was also the place he spoke of his Second Coming, Jewish tradition has it that the Messiah will return on this mountain and it was here that he ascended into heaven.

If you are going to accomplish the works of God then you will need to take steps back and steps up so that you can see the landscape in front of you. Sometimes you will need to respond by playing ‘a bigger game’ or to be ‘the bigger man/woman’ than those around you. Learn to get higher, to think higher, to see further than most.


  1. The switch off space.

How many people really know you? Who knows your favourite food or your favourite song or book? If you are struggling then you are not switching off enough. Bethany was the home of Jesus’ friends, Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Their homes were his rest and refuge space and he used it a lot for sleeping, eating and just enjoying the company of his friends.

Take a look at your diary. Make sure ahead of you there are switching off times and spaces. Places where you can be yourself, you won’t be judged and you can be free to be yourself.

Maybe the problems you are facing don’t need divine intervention as much as you not intervening at all. Switch off. Come away from it and enjoy life.


  1. The starting space.

Bethphage was the starting point of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. It was believed to be the furthest part of the city and at the limit of a permitted walk on a Sabbath which was a distance of 900 metres. That isn’t a long walk to our standards. But the point is this is where Jesus started the journey in. The name means ‘House of unripe figs’ and we remember it was the place where Jesus cursed the fig tree which had no fruit symbolically pointing towards God’s people who were not bearing the hallmarks of God in their life.

Your starting point may not be a great one. But you need to start somewhere and here now, today, well, there’s no time like the presence. So why not step out towards your life today? Maybe you need to make some hard decisions? Maybe you need to surrender your agenda? Moving a step towards God and putting your trust in Him. It’s a start.

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