The Christmas Prologue 8: Let your glory fall again

The Christmas Prologue 8: Let your glory fall again

John 1: 14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Moses saw it.

Isaiah saw it. A man disappointed, a failure in terms of his prophetic success and disillusioned. Yet he is granted a vision of the Lord. John would write later and say this was the glory of Jesus (12:41). This glory was the rescuing and recommissioning of this prophet. There is nothing you go through that you cannot find Him.

John sees later in a vision in Revelation 15:8 the heavenly temple filled with a cloud of glory.

Here John writes, “We have seen …” Not everyone has seen but we have. Referring to the Transfiguration where the face of Jesus shone like the sun; where Moses and Elijah appear standing alongside Jesus affirming his Messianic role; and where John hears a voice, “This is my Son.” That voice came from a bright cloud emphasising the visible glory of God.

Where is that glory that John speaks of now?

It is on the Church and in your life.

Where the glory is people will be attracted and will gather and the Church will grow.

Where the glory is miracles of salvation happen.

Where the glory is the broken bodies on our streets become the buildings of a new incarnation of the kingdom.

Whatever you are going through then pursue the glory.

In Exodus 33: 9-10 (the glory) descended and all the people saw the pillar of cloud. John says the Word became flesh and tabernacle/dwelt among us and we beheld/saw his glory! The glory isn’t worked up from man. It descends from God.

Again Lord we cry!

“On your Church let your glory fall. On my life as I go through this disappointment may I see your glory? Restore me and use me again. Glory come! Amen!”

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