Let others have a go.

Let others have a go.

John 5: 16 “So, because Jesus was doing these things on the Sabbath, the Jewish leaders began to persecute him.”

Jesus was performing miracles, lives were changing for the good and sicknesses that had lasted for decades were being healed. Under the noses of pagan shrines like Asclepion and the watchful eye of Jewish leaders, both of which were incapable of doing what Jesus was doing.

He was doing these things not only on the Sabbath. They made the Sabbath the excuse for persecuting him. They could defend their persecution because everyone would accept that to break the Sabbath was wrong. How could they defend persecuting Jesus for just making people well? They couldn’t.

When someone is doing something amazing that we are not doing but would have wanted to do given the opportunity; when someone is receiving praise and accolade that we craved for; when a church is getting more people attending than our church; when people are finding promotion when we are struggling; when open heavens seem to be over people when we only have a brassy sky; when, when, when …. Our reaction is often a shock even to ourselves!

To criticise would be wrong. That person is doing good things. So to find a point of order; an objection even over minutiae is what we ponder; if we find something obvious, some protocol that wasn’t followed, something that perhaps everyone will say ‘ah yes, you’re right, this shouldn’t be happening,’ well, that means success surely?

So often we lose sight of the mission and we focus on how the mission is done.  It is called control.

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