Where is He?

Where is He?

John 7 v 14

“Not until halfway through the festival did Jesus go up to the temple courts and begin to teach.”

  1. He is there in Jerusalem but for the first few days of the week long Sukkoth festival (Tabernacles) no one knows where he is. He is in hiding, there, but no one is aware.

They are celebrating God’s provision (a water ceremony) and His presence (an illumination ceremony) through the Wilderness years (a redemptive story). Whilst the people are thinking on their ancestors and especially the redeemer, Moses, The Redeemer of God is in the city but he is yet to go to the Temple.

  1. It is halfway through. It is in the middle. Is Jesus coming or not? I don’t think so. He would have come by now if he was coming. There is another half to go but it doesn’t look likely.


  1. Jesus goes into the Temple courts and performs a miracle of healing, feeds another crowd from a few loaves and fish and carries out a supernatural act akin to the walking on the water. He does none of these, though he could have chosen to do so. He went to the Temple to teach. Moses was given the Torah (literally means teaching), the first 5 Old Testament books and taught the Word of God to the people. Here comes Jesus, the Word and he chooses rightfully to teach.


  1. Jesus is nearer to you than you realise. You may not see him but he is with you. STOP WORRYING, Jesus is in the city.
  2. It’s not over yet. You may be wondering if Jesus will show up and do something. It’s halfway, it’s not over yet. What is in front of you is better than what is behind you. KEEP THE FAITH.
  3. He is the Word. You may think today you need His provision or His presence but you always need His teaching. His Word formed in you changes you. Take it with you today, memorise it and MEDITATE on it throughout the day. Your circumstances may not change but you will change for the better.

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