Let’s stay in the light

Let’s stay in the light
John 8 v 12
When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Winston Churchill once stated that England was in its darkest hour because there was fear and uncertainty about the future.
It seems that we are still in our darkest hour certainly in terms of Christianity. Or are we?
This is not the first time John has used the image of light. It is certainly not the first time it has appeared in the Jewish mind.
In fact the people were the light. In Isaiah 60 they are the light of the world.
So imagine the offence caused when Jesus refers a title given of Israel to himself?!
There are many lights that come into the world. We ourselves are called to shine brightly.
However, the brightest and true light is Jesus.
He is shining today across the world in the darkest of places. As he does this it not only leads the way but it exposes the darkness.
Israel was supposed to be the light but their light had stopped shining and they were the opposite, they were walking in darkness. Jesus came as the true light. Where Israel failed He succeeded. He exposed their darkness and the leaders didn’t like it. It was this that began the fight between the darkness and the light. We know the LIGHT won!
The same can be said of the Church in 2020. If it stops shining as the light and becomes dim or the light goes out then Jesus will expose it. It is possible that the ‘body of Christ’ could enter a battle with Christ because of the issue of LIGHT. The Church faces significant issues in these days and we need Jesus more than ever, we need the light so that we don’t become dark ourselves.

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