John 21 v19 “Then he said to him, “Follow me!”

Here is the grace of God.

Three years previously Jesus had used the exact words.

Gifted students of the day would approach a rabbi and ask “May I follow you?” The rabbi either accepted the student or sent him away to pursue a trade. If he was accepted, it meant the rabbi believed the student had the ability and commitment to become like him.

But Jesus, he chose his followers. He approached them. People who had adopted a trade either because they had been turned down by a rabbi or that they hadn’t even bothered asking because they knew they weren’t good enough.

The decision to follow a rabbi meant total commitment.

Three years later after Peter’s denial, he is now reinstated and once again it is Jesus who initiates with the statement ‘follow me’.

Jesus is saying “I believe in you. I believe you can become like me. I believe you can be committed to me.”

This is incredible grace!

After all that has happened. All that you have failed in. I believe in you. Follow me.

A few days ago I opened the blog with the story of Simba. Let me close with it again.

The lion king does have a happy ending. Simba through the help of a childhood friend begins to return to Pride Lands. He meets a wise monkey who asks Simba “who are you?”

He takes him to a pond and shows him his reflection and as Simba peers in he sees his father’s reflection and hears his voice.

“You are more than that you have become. Remember who you are. You are my son.”

And Jesus still calls to you today. No matter what has happened, “follow me”.

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