I Am Highly Favoured!


Happy Pentecost Sunday! The birthday of the Church! Jews from every nation of the world gathered as pilgrims from different cultures in Jerusalem to celebrate their Pentecost. It was then when God decided to birth His Church who would then reach the nations of the world.

Paul in prison, but in the right place, the heavenly realms, chosen, a child of God now tells us we are highly favoured.

“… to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.” Ephesians 1 v 6

Where are the words ‘highly favoured’? It is found in the word ‘grace’.

The word is Charitoo.

It not only means highly favoured but surrounded by favour.

I have a chair. It’s my chair, it is one of the house rules. However, if there is a guest in my home and they sit in my chair the family may wonder how I will respond but I will happily let them enjoy my chair. I am honouring them. The word Charitoo is to be given the best seat in the house.

Your circumstances may be that you feel the weight of prison chains but you know you have the front row seat in Christ.

There is only one other time when this word is used and that is with Mary. When the angel went to Mary to tell her he had chosen her he used the words ‘highly favoured’. ‘Charitoo’, it means ‘a once in all role’. Mary was deliberately chosen for a once in all history role. There was no one else like her; special; privileged; chosen.

Today on Pentecost so is the Church. So are you. We have been given a once in all role. There is no one like you; unique; special.

We live in days when the powers of evil are all around and at work. The powers of racism, sexism, hate speech, persecution and intimidation are waging war. The Church highly favoured needs to be welcoming guests into their best chairs and to honour, respect, speak love, bind the wounds and bring freedom to the broken. We belong to the One who brings glorious grace!

If I am highly favoured then I practice it.

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