I Am Patient

How can we achieve these traits? How can we say I Am? We cannot without God. But with God we can.

“… be patient …” (Ephesians 4 v2)

Again, a fruit of the Spirit as He produces in us as Christ dwells in us.

Ever rolled your eyes at someone’s social media status? I have.

Ever tempted to tell someone, “you’ve told me this before’ when they attempt to tell you the 5th time? I have.

Ever tried to stifle a yawn when someone insists on going into every detail of the story? I have.

Ever become annoyed at being interrupted in that was your own amazing story? I have.

Ever stood in line in a supermarket panicking wondering if it is the fastest lane? I have.

The moment I think I have it is the moment it seems to disappear.

Maybe you wake today to another day of battling the discouragement and disappointment of what is now on you. Within you is patience that will not give up. It never admits defeat. It is not finished off by disappointment or discouragement.

Circumstances is one thing but people are another and they are even more annoying at times. To be patient means to hold out under trial before giving into the passion of retaliation. It is not easily offended.

Circumstances, people and then there is your own life. What will you wait for?

A woman rushed up to famed violinist Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962) after a concert and cried: “I’d give my life to play as beautifully as you do.” Kreisler replied, “I did.”

If you plant a Chinese bamboo seed, it will sit in the ground for five years and appear to not be making any changes. Then, over a six-week period, it will grow 90 feet.

There is a giant Himalayan lily which spends most of its life looking like nothing at all but then after 5-7 years it grows to 9-10 feet tall and produces the most amazing delicately shaped flowers.

However, when it comes to human achievement and maybe even our own process of maturing, we are the most impatient.

Yet no human, not even Jesus moves from baby to man without the need to grow. This is done before God and man.

Within that growth comes many challenges and pains attached to the process. These are necessary for development.

The truth is one day you will stand before Him the finished article. Until then you are in the growing phase, being perfected for eternity.

Today is another day to grow. Embrace it

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