I and who I walk with

When was the last time someone corrected you? What did you do about it?

Therefore do not be partners with them. Ephesians 5 v 7

Who are you hanging around with? (From the Message version).

Don’t let it be with deceptive people.

Choose your friends carefully. Who are you walking with?

We don’t need to hang around people who tickle our ears and who sympathise with our lack.

We need friends who will not deceive us but who are not afraid to speak the truth to us.

Western Christianity is so individualistic. We have our own walk with God, we hear God individually and we make decisions alone. But not so in other parts of the world where community is powerful and decisions are made as a group. Perhaps this is the way it should be. Maybe there would be less mistakes made if others advised us.

It is never too late to bring into your life accountability partners who will continually ask you “Why do you think, speak and behave this way?”

An unchecked, unquestioned man is not a strong man. Strength is not in what you can amass, or the people around you, it is not in a title or a position. It is whether or not you have been bridled.

If you see a destructive flaw in your friend’s life and say nothing then you are no friend.

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