I Hear Him (1) … He is not as loud as I think

Hearing the voice of God is a lifetime of discovery. Some hear God every single day and for others not so. Some hear him speaking audibly with no trouble at all and some have never done so. However you think about that, what is true, is that a Christ follower knows (certainly at strategic times of their life) that God has told them something significant. It may come in various forms and places but what is constant is that they know. They know they have been told.

Because the days are evil, the Apostle says, “Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.” Ephesians 5:17

But I have discovered He is not as loud as I think. In fact He draws me into His quietness and I discover His whisper which is loud not in terms of decibels but in regards to the impact upon my life. It is in contrast to the world we live in.

The silence of God. The loudness of man. The still small voice of God. The shouting of man.

Heroic figures displaying their celebrity statuses.
This is the world we have come to know so well.

But the world of God is at times so much different.
Ask the Persecuted what God is like and they will say ‘He is quiet’.
There are many unknowns today, in prison, tortured, deprived of their human rights. Many unknowns facing shame and lifelong battles with their families for becoming Christian. The unknown knows all too well unanswered prayers, the fear of worsening danger and the absence of courage.

What is God like?
He is quiet.
But he is still there His whisper is loud.

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