I want to Copy Christ

We live in a world where if as an individual you want to live your life according to what is written in the Bible then no one is going to comment, you will be permitted.

However it is going to become increasingly difficult for the Church to have a ‘household code’ because of so much hurt that has been caused to innocent victims of oppressors. We need to totally rescue and support the abused and at the same time still uphold the beautiful concepts found in the Bible. But it will become difficult also because offence comes far more easier today in our world which is divided by opinion.

I wonder what the Apostle would write today. What would his household code be? Would it cover race, sexual identity and poverty? Whatever the changes I believe he would still be writing about the same person and that everything in this world of ours, all our relationships, activities, problems and challenges, successes and victories are only illustrations of a greater relationship that we have with this person:

Jesus Christ.

Paul says in our next verse, “In this same way, (husbands) ought …). Ephesians 5 v 28

In the same way or “So …”

The word refers to what precedes.

And what has preceded is of course a description of the love and submission of Christ for us.

So ….

Submit to one another, wives submit to your husbands and husbands love and submit to your wives. Why? Paul will spell it out soon when he tells us he is definitely thinking about our relationship with Christ. But for now, ‘in the same way …’

Almost 30 years ago I wore a bracelet, WWJD. What would Jesus do? It was a campaign to encourage us all to copy Christ.

What would he do if he walked my life? He does.

What would he say if he was behind my mouth? He is.

Let’s demonstrate Christ today.

Let’s copy Christ.

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