I pray Christ: Taking up the Shield of Faith

In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Ephesians 6 v 16

Lord, you are my shield. The enemy doesn’t give warning of the attacks. I don’t see in advance where the next hurt will come from. It may happen today so I lift you up. Christ over me will extinguish whatever fiery attack that comes my way.

I don’t need to ask ‘How will I make it through?’ or believe ‘I’m not going to make it.’ I stand with YOU covering me.

When anxiety comes it is extinguished because I have lifted Christ over me.

When condemnation comes I get my shield up.

When doubt rages I will extinguish it and I will keep standing firm.

Just as Roman soldiers saturated their shields in water to extinguish the fiery arrows so I also ask that you saturate my life in your presence and in your promise for my life.

My faith is held high and covers my life completely. You empower me to stand against every attack on my mind and heart.

When I don’t think I will make it, I will make it.

When I feel alone, I am not.

What you have said about who I am and my situation outweighs anything anyone else says about it.

You are my shield and helper and my glorious sword. My enemies will cower before you and you will march all over them. (Deut 33 v 29)


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