Christ gives Hope for Heaven

What are you hoping for? A better life?

I’m not sure who said it but we can quote it: “Too heavenly-minded for earthly good.” I wish we couldn’t quote it. I don’t really believe it.

Being heavenly-minded will not hinder our lives or stop us from reaching out to others. But being worldly-minded will. Being caught up with the desires and passions this world can offer will. The Apostle says, “we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all God’s people— the faith and love that spring from the hope stored up for you in heaven” Colossians 1 v 4-5

In 1991 we were singing Graham Kendricks ‘Heaven is in my heart.’ Is it still?

Let us be people consumed with the hope of heaven. No matter what beautiful experiences and treasures you have gained on this earth they are just a taste, a small example of what is laid up for us in heaven. Our world needs to see heaven again. Eternity needs to be born into our conversations and our prayers and our work. We declare our faith because of heaven and we love because of heaven.

Hope of heaven causes us to love. Heaven bursts onto our earth with the inspiration we need to love all of God’s people.

There are many who are bound and stretched in a variety of ways across the world but they are so with hope of heaven. This world is smaller today than it has ever been. Every nation reachable within hours and yet those who are pressed down today they can feel like they are the furthest point from earth. But heaven is in their heart. All that they have and actually perhaps what has got them into their predicament in the first place is their citizenship in heaven. But this is the most important thing and not just for them but for all of us who are Christ followers.

The powerful truth of our eternal citizenship is effective when we know it and live our lives so the enemy knows it too.

What can the enemy do when you declare who you are in God and your security in Him? The persecuted have lost everything but they are not destroyed.

You always live. You always have the last word. You may die but you will live. Heaven is in your heart. Christ gives Hope for Heaven

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