Christ’s Disciples 3 – grow to know Him

I am highlighting one aspect of discipleship that the Apostle mentions in response to what he has heard about the Colossians who need to know they are indeed true disciples. Here is the 3rd: “…growing in the knowledge of God” (Colossians 1 v 10)

“You’ll grow into it.” I grew up knowing what that meant. This huge jumper which I could camp out in was going to be mine for the next few years and although at that moment it looked like I was hiding under a marquee eventually I would grow for it to be an amazing fit!

In the bombardment of lessons to learn, opinions to heed to, guidelines and directives, achievements, vision and strategies, make sure one thing is happening, you are growing to know Him more.

  1. Grow to know Him because you don’t know Him enough.
  2. Grow to know Christ and Him alone.
  3. Grow to know Him through the toughest of experiences.

William Borden (1887-1913) was heir to the Borden dairy estate, which was sold for $2 billion in 1995 William was a millionaire by 21, but he renounced his fortune, giving nearly all his wealth to missions. His heart’s desire was to take the gospel to Muslims in China. On his way to China, William stopped in Egypt to study Arabic, but four months later he contracted spinal meningitis and died at the age of 25. He is buried in the American Cemetery in Cairo. The inscription on his grave stone says these words after a brief description of his life:

A Man in Christ

He arose and forsook all and followed Him

Kindly affectioned with brotherly love

Fervent in spirit serving the Lord

Rejoicing in hope patient in tribulation

Instant in prayer

Communicating to the necessity of saints

In honour preferring others

Apart from faith in Christ there is no explanation for such a life.

Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every nation.

Charlie Campbell one of Williams friends received his Bible after his death. Inside William had written these words which he remembered him writing in their college days:

No reserves

No retreats.

But Charlie also found 2 more words that William had written just days before he died:

No regrets.

The explanation for your life is to grow in the knowledge of Jesus. If I know Him then I will know who I am. If I know how He works then I will know how to work. No reserves, no retreats and no regrets.

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