Christ holds us together

A few years ago I watched a sermon on a film from Louie Giglio regarding the Universe and the God who controls it all. He ended his preach with a crescendo as he asked the question how can we know that God will hold us together. He said, “That’s really what we want to know today, and I’ll tell you how you can know today that God will always hold you together, no matter what.” Using Colossians 1 v 17 he then went on to talk about laminin. I didn’t understand that word and I still don’t! I am sure some who are reading this can say so much more than I can but laminin is the glue that holds our bodies together. Giglio then showed a picture of the laminin in the shape of the cross. Wow! It was amazing and very moving. Now whether or not laminin is actually that shape and Giglio got a lot of criticism from so many who said it wasn’t, but the point is there is something that holds our lives together and it is certainly in the verse that the Apostle says, “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1 v 17)

Christ hasn’t just created and then walked away. He continually sustains it and holds it all together.

We may wonder who really is in charge of the world. Is it Trump? Is it Putin? Is it Xi Jingpin? Is it Covid-19?

We must remind ourselves today that no matter who thinks they are in control and no matter what your circumstance says, Jesus is ultimately holding all things together.

Let me tell you something else I don’t understand: linear accelerators and the world of the atom and neutron! But I get excited when I hear of scientists finding things that they cannot name but discovering that there is some strange force holding life together. They cannot identify it but just as there is laminin in us there is a ‘glue’ to the whole world! There isn’t a word to call it, no one has named it.

But we have that name! We carry that name! JESUS! He shapes the destiny of everything.

You may wonder if God really cares for you or the world you live in. But on those days look again on Jesus Christ. Look on His sacrifice on the cross. Look how He came and walked this earth and got down into the dust and reached out to the lost, the last and the least. See how He cared. See what He said. See how He loved. He holds even the broken pieces.

No matter how broken our lives may become. Jesus is more powerful than whatever caused the hurt that you may be experiencing. You may think you will not survive this life that you are beyond fixing. Jesus created it all, sustains it all and can fix it all. He is holding you today.

He holds life and He holds death.

I may not be sure about many things but I am confident that my life and my death is in His hands. It doesn’t matter what I have or don’t have in this life. It doesn’t matter how long I live or whether I am cut off in the prime of my life. I am in His hands.

I may have many questions and few answers. I may be hard pressed, persecuted or in pain but I have a Person His name is Jesus.

I may journey on my own but I am not alone.

I may have desires unfulfilled but He is the greatest desire.

Spiritual powers may attack but they sit in His hand.

Nothing, absolutely nothing happens to me that He is not holding. He never drops me. He never lets go and He is never in a crisis.

It will all be okay because Christ holds us all together. He’s got you and He’s got me.

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