Christmas Day – Jesus

“And he gave him the name Jesus.” (Matthew 1 v 25)



Because he will save his people from their sins.

As you worship God today and call on the name Jesus you are calling on the one who saves you from sin.

It was the most common name at the time, there were many with that name. Their parents all hoping their son would be the true Messiah perhaps.

It is incredible that God would choose such an ordinary name or a name that had been used by the many.

The truth was no one could save the people from Roman oppression.
No one could save the people from burdensome religious laws and duties.
Not one person could save.
Except Jesus. This Jesus. The Incarnated, virgin-born, Jesus.
It would be difficult perhaps to look at the Christ-child and see a Saviour. A baby does offer hope and a future but no one knows its true potential.
People still struggle to see the Saviour in this season.
How can this Jesus save me?
But just as in that first Christmas in order to see a Saviour one had to bow down and worship, in surrender and by faith to say, “I believe you are the Saviour, you are my Saviour.”
Nothing has changed. We still need to come that way.
The Saviour is still here. Faith has not gone from the story.

There are many ‘Greats’ in the world. There are many ‘Awesome’ ‘Look At Me’ posts.

Today we don’t have to run to those people or be intimidated by their claims.

We run to Saviour for that is who we need the most.

And we bow down.

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