Things to look forward to.

In the last few days I have been told by some that this year is going to be the best year ever and by some that it is going to be a right off. I wonder what it will be!

People went out to him from Jerusalem and all Judea and the whole region of the Jordan. Confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River. (Matthew 3 v 5-6)

Slow this down. Picture it. Can you imagine it? People from all over the place travelled to hear this new preacher man.

For years many have prayed this would happen for their churches. That people on the outside would come on in to the inside.

The people were ready for a new kingdom to come. John reminded the crowds of Isaiah’s prophecy. The Messiah would come.

Is it just crazy thinking that movements of people can happen like this today? Are we setting ourselves up to fail? This week I hosted a zoom induction service for an incoming Pastor to a church, my first, I heard people pray for ‘revival’ and I realised I hadn’t heard a public prayer for revival for some time. I’m not sure what a revival would look like. Would it involve the masses coming to a church service? One church said to me a few months ago that they had 3,000 viewings on their online service. That sounds like a revival to me. Well it would be if the 3,000 made a decision to follow Jesus.

These people were confessing their sins and being baptised. Can you imagine the baptism tanks open again? Can you see the confessing of sins in that place? Changed lives. I was lost but now I’m found, blind but now I see.

I don’t know what 2021 will bring but I feel better believing for something than nothing. So I choose to look forward to revival and baptisms!

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