Ministering angels come and fallen angels leave

Do you remember that great sleep you had when you were not expecting it after the ordeal you went through? When the world around you seemed to collapse and people commented on how strong you were being, how do you think that was? Has anyone ever said to you that you knocking on their door or calling them was being there at just the right time? Was that really just a coincidence? Strange things do happen. But maybe they are actually not strange at all.

“Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.” (Matthew 4 v 11)

The fallen angel would be back but for now he has gone. When we resist him he does flee.

The angels that Jesus was tempted to call upon for a spectacular demonstration were actually not far away. They never are.

Angels are not fat little babies with wings, they are full-grown adults. They are stronger than us and they have greater knowledge. Jesus was made lower than the angels. They appear in bodies but also whole armies can be missed as in the case with Elisha’s servant. They are worshippers as Revelation shows us. They direct individuals, like Joseph in Matthew 1-2 and Philip in Acts 8. They strengthened Jesus, the apostles and Paul and they strengthen us too.

How did the angels know where to find Jesus? The wilderness is a vast place.

Today friends, wherever you are, God knows.

He has seen the trials you have gone through. He knows the dry place where you find yourself in. He knows your human needs. Jesus was hungry. He knows your spiritual needs. Jesus must have been drained from such an ordeal. God knows and He knows what to do next. He knows whether to fill your life with His presence and to breathe His Spirit into the Temple of your life. He also knows whether to send someone to your door. Angels are never far from you.

You have the Word of God and the Spirit of God within you and angels at His disposal to minister and serve your needs. This is why you remain and the fallen angel leaves!

2 Replies to “Ministering angels come and fallen angels leave”

  1. Thank you Paul for these posts. They are totally amazing and such an encouragement. May God bless you today and every day as you continue to bless us xxx

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