10 ways to help you not worry – 4. Write down your self-awareness of who you are.

And suddenly they were there! The snowdrops and the daffodils just came alive in the garden. Then I realised something profound. I hadn’t been worrying about whether they would appear! It’s what they do. It didn’t look like they had been worrying either. They look as good as ever.

“And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labour or spin.” (Matthew 6 v 28)

Worry can be prevented by being pro-active. If you know you have a habit of worrying then you must write down who you are. When worry strikes it aims at your ability to handle the situation; will you be enough; have enough; will you know what to do; how will others perceive you.

Worry won’t stop until you have lost all self-awareness of who you really are.

Let who you are be enough. Flowers just flower.

Take your eyes off who you aren’t and what you don’t have and be comfortable in your own skin.

How could Luke write, “David served God’s purpose in his own generation”? (Acts 13:36)  David had been a young shepherd boy, the youngest of 8 brothers, whose father thought little of him, and his brothers less. He was just a shepherd boy.

In his Psalms, his life is a constant battle with negative emotions describing his life as a worm not a man! (Psalm 22)

Why a worm? Because people had told him he was. What have people said about you? What have you believed about you?

David did not give in to these negative emotions, if he had he would have drifted into insignificance. He rose to defeat many Goliaths.

You don’t have to be a worm, worthless, no value and at the mercy of every worrying thought. You are here for significance. You may have had disappointments but your life is not over.

Write down who you are. Grab a hold of you and be a good steward of your life.


What I have materially:

What I have in experience:

Who I am:

Who my priorities are:

Expect Him to do much. God does not care if you are young or old. He gave Abraham a big dream when he was 75 yrs old. “I’m going to make you a father of a multitude and a nation.”

It doesn’t matter if there is little on your paper. God specialises with little.

Make sure you refer to what you have written down.

When worry strikes, align those thoughts with who you are.

Jesus is saying why are you worrying? Look at the creation order. Flowers just flower. You are enough. Within you is the personality and the ability to get through.

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