Don’t write people off

Meghan is a _______; Piers is a _______; Trump is a _______; Ravi Zacharias was a _______.

And we reduce that person down to 50 years of their life or to that 5 minute conversation we had with them and bring their name, the person they are or was to a conclusion.

It is easy to do that from a distance. We are probably never going to meet Meghan, Piers, Trump and we will never meet the dead.

But we do it to those closer.

That neighbour is a _______; my last church was a ______; my new Pastor is a ______; my boss is a _______;

Uncomfortable that this is, Jesus takes his sermon away from the hypocrisy and anxiety of this world to how we treat people.

He doesn’t warn us of discernment. We should do that with all the named people above. Neither is it to come to the conclusion that someone is indeed guilty. That again applies to any list of names that we have. So let’s see what Jesus says:

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7 v 1-2)

It is to stand in the place of God, the final authority on all things and speak as if God was speaking.

Don’t send people to hell.

Don’t write people off.

Don’t dismiss a person as worthless.

Don’t cut off a return back to the good.

This is not just to do to others as we would want to have done to us.

But rather because we have not been written off we act in the same way and leave room for mercy and grace. Equal measure.

6 Replies to “Don’t write people off”

  1. Another challenging word, thank you! So easy to judge without thinking, will be having another conversation about Meghan and Harry today with my daughter! My words were so harsh, forgetting the natural response to being wounded is the anger!!! Praying for them and my attitude!!

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  2. A book by Charles Kingsley called the “Water Babies “ comes to mind with a character called “ Mrs do as you would be done by “
    Always be careful what you say and about who say thing’s?

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  3. Guilty! Thank you God for your measures of Judgement: justice and Mercy. In judgement, show us your mercy.

    Thank you so much Rev Paul for this wonderful word. Always challenging us to get into new levels. Thank you again


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