5 responses when people don’t get you!

Sometimes the more you do the less you seem to advance. The responses can be cruel and hurtful. You wonder if it is worth it. How do you get through? Here are 5 responses from our next 2 verses:-

“At that time Jesus said, ‘I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do.” (Matthew 11 v 25-26)

At that time … what time was that? In the context of your relative being in prison. John, the forerunner, preparing the way for you but being rejected by your own people resulting in you also experiencing the same rejection. In the context of reflection that where you have given of yourself the most there has been very little response of appreciation or life-change.

At that time of rejection and gloomy reflection.

  1. Focus on your own relationship with the Father. Sometimes when the people in your world disappoint you so much it is all you have left. But it is ALL. There is nothing greater. He is your source. Go to Him. Worship Him.
  2. Acknowledge the Sovereignty of God. He is Lord of every activity in heaven and earth and therefore certainly in control of the situation you face right now. If He is sovereign then He is permitting what is happening and therefore there is hope and purpose behind the pain, rejection and lack of appreciation you are experiencing.
  3. Turn from the obvious. The wise and learned are not those educated academically but experientially. They have seen the miracles and maybe even had one themselves but still have not understood the life of the kingdom. Take your attention from those who continue to disappoint you the most. They are blind and more than that the truth is hidden from them, they will never see, no matter how persistent you are.
  4. Turn to those who look insignificant. The little children are not those in primary school although they do fit the category also. But they are those who don’t look much, they are unimpressive to the world’s standards. They are standing behind the obvious. Perhaps at the back of the line. Overlooked. Taken advantage of. Ignored. Forgotten.
  5. Prioritise in line with the Father’s priority. This is how He likes to work (the Message). Often Churches spend all their time and energy on those sheep that bleat the loudest. They complain that there isn’t enough of this and that. They don’t like how it is done etc. This is NOT the Father’s priority. We must prioritise what pleases Him. That is to strategically plan to go to the last not the first, the least not the greatest and the lost not those who think they are found.

There are times when people don’t get you. They will want every ounce of blood from you and still not be satisfied. It is called the cross. But these 5 responses based on 2 sentences of Jesus will help to stabilise your disappointed heart and mind.

2 Replies to “5 responses when people don’t get you!”

  1. This encouragement came me at the right time, when I really needed it. I felt God was talking to me in a special way through your encouragement. I want to thank God because He has brought people in life who can encourage me when I’m down. May Great God continue to annoint you. Amen.

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