Musings on hypocrisy … offence is never far behind.

He touched a raw nerve and they became offended.

Then the disciples came to him and asked, “Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard this?” (Matthew 15 v 12)

The answer was yes. Jesus knew what he was saying. Jesus had purposely touched their raw nerve.

Hypocrites get offended with exposed truth because they have spent all their energy on hiding it. Hypocrisy says ‘I am self-aware I have no faults’ and yet at the same time hides the fault. When the fault is touched on then offence will defend the hypocrisy at all costs.

Hypocrites get offended the most when their raw nerve is touched in public. Hypocrisy has worked to falsely promote them before people. To be then publicly told they are not as good as those around them or at least the same, leads to offence.

Hypocrites that are offended create an anxiety to those around them. The disciples seem anxious when they return to Jesus. They are wondering what will happen next? Are they going to be drawn into this? It could get out of control.

Hypocrites that are offended don’t seem to bother Jesus one bit, as we shall see …

The greatest miracle is that of a changed heart.

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