Make sure what you are looking at contains the real picture.

What are the memories that come flooding back when you are at that place? Visiting the grave; playing that song; being at that place whether physically or visually or when the memories come popping up on Facebook of 1 year or 10 years ago; you are there again with that that person.

“After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb.” (Matthew 28 v 1)

Mark and Luke have other women along with the 2 Mary’s heading to the tomb. In the Jewish culture a part day was seen as a day and so this was day 3.

That stone in front of the tomb says: You will never do anything again. You will never recover. You will always remember what you once had is gone.

But what they didn’t realise that though they went to look at the tomb the picture had radically changed.

They went to look.

The other gospels tell us they were going to anoint the body.

It is incredible to think that the disciples are not at the tomb waiting for Jesus to rise on the 3rd day. It is also hard to believe that the women who were there had their spices with them to anoint the dead body. No one was ready for the resurrection. Even though he had told them many times.

They went to look.

They had no idea that the stone had already been rolled away, that God did it and He did it so that they could enter the tomb and discover that Jesus had risen.

‘Today’ they went to look at a scene of ‘yesterday’ unaware that God had changed the picture for their ‘tomorrow.’

When we misinterpret or are locked into the picture then we are often standing in places where He is not and where our loved ones are not also.

Make sure when you go to look you carry the faith that is able to reveal a greater picture of the reality.

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